How to create Telegram bot??? part #1

How to create telegram bot?

Before creating bot dowload: node.js from download version 8.7.0 or higher

1. Download this repostory

2. Unzip, open cmd and type:
npm install

3. Create new folder for example Project
4. Open Project and create new file for example MyBot.js
5. Paste this to MyBot.js


const TeleBot = require('../');
const bot = new TeleBot('YOUR:BOT_TOKEN');

// On every text message
bot.on('text', msg => {
let id =;
let text = msg.text;
return bot.sendMessage(id, `You said: ${ text }`);


6. Replace YOUR:BOT_TOKEN with your bot token.
6. Open CMD then open folder your bot source (Project) code and type:
node MyBot.js
7. Open your bot and be happy!

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