@ChanMbot 6.0.0 – Markdown boostup? BitCoin price!!!

Bitcoin price is falling down and going up again… How to check this price??? If you like JSON you can check it here: https://blockchain.info/ticker . But maybe you don’t like JSON and you are crypto currency channel owner?


you can check BTC price using ((btc)) in any message! How to do this? Look:

At top of our code we need to add:

var request = require('request');
var btcpurl = "https://blockchain.info/ticker"

And we need to type:

$ npm install

Then we need to find /md command.

After this:

We need to add let btcPrice;

After this we need to add:

function(error, response, body) {
usdPrice = JSON.parse(body).USD[“15m”];

Then we need to replace ((btc)) with usdPrice


let message = msg.text.replace(‘((btc))’ usdPrice)
let message1 = message.replace(‘/md ‘, ”);


Bug found . (again..)


Move this: request.get(btcpurl,
function(error, response, body) {
usdPrice = JSON.parse(body).USD[“15m”];

At top we need to add:

var usdPrice;

And remove let usdPrice; from /md.

Done! Debug in 6.0.1

@ChanMbot 4.2

In this update:

Self-destruct timer!!!

First thing to do is: HOW TO DO THIS!!!

Ok. Maybe command /rm1h *message* _text_ *here*

Ok… So code:

bot.on([‘/rm1h’], function(msg) {

let id = msg.chat.id
let num1 = msg.message_id
let num2 = msg.chat.id
let sum = num1 + 2

return bot.sendMessage(msg.chat.id, “I’ll delete this message in 1hour”).then(() => {
setTimeout(() => bot.
deleteMessage(id, sum).catch(console.log), 36000000);

And /md commands should also answer this command add Just this:


How to create Telegram bot??? part #1

How to create telegram bot?

Before creating bot dowload: node.js from NodeJs.org download version 8.7.0 or higher

1. Download this repostory https://github.com/MrCyjaneK/telebot/

2. Unzip, open cmd and type:
npm install

3. Create new folder for example Project
4. Open Project and create new file for example MyBot.js
5. Paste this to MyBot.js


const TeleBot = require('../');
const bot = new TeleBot('YOUR:BOT_TOKEN');

// On every text message
bot.on('text', msg => {
let id = msg.from.id;
let text = msg.text;
return bot.sendMessage(id, `You said: ${ text }`);


6. Replace YOUR:BOT_TOKEN with your bot token.
6. Open CMD then open folder your bot source (Project) code and type:
node MyBot.js
7. Open your bot and be happy!

Contact me in Telegram: @BotDev