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Upgrades, people, upgrades! [2020/09/08]
OldPC will be updated, and the update will include, removal of Jenkins, PeerTube and Gitea. Why? I want to know what is being run on my server, I'm not just removing them. I'll provide a replacement made by me!

Why should I donate?

OldPC is a project made by Czarek Nakamoto it handles many things, starting from my personal website going thru an PeerTube instance and Gitea to the Jenkins and files.

Donating will help me pay for the domain, upgrade OldPC and invest more time into this project.

btc: bc1qa3z5jve7xf2ewkklh2ucyt0ln9endr2wsjv0c2
doge: DFMtLwbefVSWQJaCER2KwKt5aG2MN3azzz