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Upgrades, people, upgrades! [2020/09/08]
OldPC will be updated, and the update will include, removal of Jenkins, PeerTube and Gitea. Why? I want to know what is being run on my server, I'm not just removing them. I'll provide a replacement made by me!

Who is Czarek Nakamoto?

Czarek Nakamoto is one of 7 643 851 153 people living on this planet, currently his age is 16 years 7 months 28 days. You can see more about him in 'Product Specification' tab.

Product Specification

Year of production Early 2004
Height 1,9575 yards
Weight 0x981 oz
Social condition null
Place od residence Boondocks, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland
Education In progress of acquiring in pain
Hobby cd: /var/lib/personal_life: No such file or directory
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