My projects

Well, here you can see some of my recent projects

Project Name About
WIP: Bittster Spotify bad? Soundcloud lack content? YouTube music costs? Here comes a music player based on the BitTorrent network, made in Go
btnet - BitTorrent in your browser Have you ever wanted to create a website that would last for ever? That nobody would be able to stop? Once published every visitor would also share it? btnet solve these problems, and doesn’t create new ones, it works as a simple http proxy, no special browser required, no fancy stuff going on backend. As simple as possible, fully compatible with existing torrents
Borachi GUI frontend that will allow you to expose a TCP port using
Magnetgraph Simple blogging platform that allow you to read torrents, like it would be a blog post.
TestPortal MultiTool Cheating on exams, made easy! FOSS software script that help you get the grade you deserve, not the grade you have learnt for.
Squizit [PATCHED] Hack for Quizizz, comes with a nice vue powered frontend (thanks @Beast).
jwapi FOSS replacement for non-free JW Library app, cross platform, made with Go. (wip reverse engineering of undocumented JWPUB format)
GoProd A messy attempt to create go-to solution for packaging apps written in Go (with support for others too!), now it supports cross compiling, packaging into .deb, .apk, AppImage
SelfBot Simple, easy-to-use, plugin based [matrix] selfbot.
Almost Dead Zone Not maintained actively, but with a little hope
Gosh Golang sh-like shell. Made because I needed a reverse-shell that looks the same, no matter if the host is Android, Windows or Linux
BitStreamer Stream torrents from PolishTracker directly, I didn’t make the app, just ported it to android.
Dead Zone Sadly a day have only 24 hours, here are projects that have died.
Halium Port for OnePlus 6T Thanks to Erfan, Caleb and NotKit, this thing is now daily drivable :D
W(allet) API While this project still somewhat works, it is abandoned, it was a simple service that allowed you to send, receive, check balances of cryptocurrency wallets. It supported BTC, LTC and DOGE, XMR support never made it to the stable server. This one was written in PHP.
Simple Tor File Server OnionShare replacement, just much simpler.
Perfect Bludit Theme Probably the most minimal bludit theme ever made. Used to be the main theme of the website you are browsing now.
Ren’PHP Simple Visual Novel engine written in PHP. And I mean really simple.
JanNowak [Polish] This one bot used to be used in my class group chat. With some minimal features that allow to interact with api
progress-bar.php Simple SVG progress bar written in PHP
userbot.php Telegram userbot written in PHP, with support for plugins.
DogeMMO PHP, browser-based MMO game, never finished, community vanished.
memeapi Simple meme api, to create memes.
CateCoin I used to have cryptocurrency btw. Dead because people want money for everything, meowing at Binance ceo have not resulted in listing :(.

Well, That’s it. Back in the good old days, in 2018 I also had some smaller projects, Dogecoin powered minecraft server (Maybe I’ll redo it with Monero and Minetest?), a couple of betting bots, I even had a casino in my tipping bot on telegram.