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Stream torrents from PolishTracker!

ByteStreamer is a simple app that aim to replace BitStreamer on platforms that it is not available - that is Android.

This app, instead of looking for executables of various players, downloads .m3u8 file (on desktop), and that file contain stream link, which plays automatically (tested with vlc).

On android it simply


Android Micro$oft Windows Debian/Ubuntu Package
apk x86_64 amd64
x86.exe i386

Debian Repository

If you wish to receive updates automatically, you can use my repository.

# wget '' && \
  apt install ./mrcyjanek-repo-latest.deb && \
  rm ./mrcyjanek-repo-latest.deb && \
  apt update
# apt install bytestreamer

Tech Details.

All apps (windows, linux, android) share the same codebase. And are packaged using Goprod.