Simple Tor File Server - Minimal OnionShare replacement


Simple Tor File Server

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Simple Tor File Server is OnionShare replacement, that do only one thing, serve things over http, over tor, it’s less than a 100 lines of code.

Usage is as simple as this:

$ tor-file-server # To host current directory
$ tor-file-server -path=/home # To share your home dir
User: pSbn
Pass: kHBsjcmevSMahOdJ
Host: 7vtzlno7rsthisisnotvalidtorlinkn3kywj3sz7i3t2dqk4vlzqfgsfid.onion:9832/


Simply run go build inside of this repo, or download prebuilt from my ci

On debian you can get it from my repo:

# wget '' && \
  apt install ./mrcyjanek-repo-latest.deb && \
  rm ./mrcyjanek-repo-latest.deb && \
  apt update

After that install tor-file-server

# apt install tor-file-server