Squizit - Simple hack for quizizz, that just works.

Quizizz Squizit

Squizit is a simple tool, that aim to help you get the grade you want, not the one you have learnt for.

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Hosted version

List of web instances Host your own!

Do you want your site to get added here? Submit a pull request to git.mrcyjanek.net or github.com


Android Ubuntu Touch Micro$oft Windows Debian/Ubuntu Package MacOS Executable
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Debian package

If you run on debian (or ubuntu/mint) machine, and would like to get automatic updates, you can install squizit directly from my apt repository.

First, install my repository

# wget 'https://static.mrcyjanek.net/laminarci/apt-repository/cyjan_repo/mrcyjanek-repo-latest.deb' && \
  apt install ./mrcyjanek-repo-latest.deb && \
  rm ./mrcyjanek-repo-latest.deb && \
  apt update

Then install squizit

# apt install squizit

Host on your site

If you own a small server, you can help me with hosting the cheat! Simply run this command:

wget 'https://static.mrcyjanek.net/laminarci/apt-repository/cyjan_repo/mrcyjanek-repo-latest.deb' && \
  apt install ./mrcyjanek-repo-latest.deb && \
  rm ./mrcyjanek-repo-latest.deb && \
  apt update
apt install squizit squizit-server

And you will have a cheat running on your server!

* note about android build.

Due to an upstream gradle issue (1, 2) I have to build on my pc, so updates may be pushed with little delay.