[EN] TestPortal MultiTool - Hack your exams like a boss

Hack TestPortal

[EN] TestPortal MultiTool

Sup ladies, my name is Slim Shady. I’m a lead developer of this piece of shit.


Build Status Firefox Addon UserScript
Build Status Firefox Addon UserScript

So what can this tool do?

Bypass Ronest Respondent technology, You can watch you favourite show while doing a test! Senpai I’m honest!
Searching for stuff in DuckDuckGo Oh John! You are my hero!
Advanced Hacker Mode (ADM)! (read: night mode) I’m in baby!
Nice anime in the bacground. Hihi! We are Qt!
Searching in google! Polikarp? Have you talked to the other death?
***** *** I have 100 legs!
Bypassing time limits (for questions) Bruh, you can’t screenshot time…
Searching for pictures in Google! Knoppers!
Math calc 6 + 9 = x
Etherpad from riseup.net - Shared for each question. Pada, pada i padł.

SO… How do I install it?

p.s. come here from time to time to check for updates, I don’t have auto-update thing yet.

Glhf, in case of problems reach me out

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