[EN] TestPortal MultiTool - Hack your exams like a boss

Hack TestPortal

[PL] TestPortal MultiTool

Sup ladies, my name is Slim Shady. And I’m responsible for this shit.


Build Status Firefox Addon UserScript
Build Status Soon! UserScript

Straight to the point, what can this thing do?

Bypass Uczciwy Rozwiązujący technology. You can now watch your favourite movie while doing the test! Senpai I’m honest!
Quick search function to instantly DuckDuckGo or Google questions/answers. Oh John! You are my hero!
Bypass per-question time limit Bruh, you can’t screenshot time…
Reverse image search in Google! All you need to do is to click on an image. Knoppers!

So, how do I install it?

Good luck, in case of problems hit me up, or join my discord

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