Czarek Nakamoto

Hey hey hello! I’m Czarek, I’m doing stuff in my free time, sometimes. Feel free to check my blog (below), and projects.

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Initially this page contained all the informations about me, but there’s so much I can tell you about myself, and what I know that I’ve decided to move it to projects. So click there, if you are interested in what I know.

Contact Me

Matrix Telegram E-mail Discord (@cyjanek#8892)


[2021.04.27] Testportal! I’m here for you.

As you may have seen, recently I’ve made a little hack for testportal called TestPortal MultiTool, it’s not much of a hack it’s a simple program that remove time limits, things that monitor document.hasFocus, and added a couple of fancy things…

[2021.04.22] Android is not open source

Android is not open source, and can we, please, stop pretending that it is?

[2021.04.21] BTnet - The internet done properly.

No matter who you are, you have probably seen the signs of the time, either by your president twitter account getting banned or by your favourite youtuber getting demonetised. Or have you ever seen a 404 page instead of the controversial article you have bookmarked to read later? BTnet will fix it.

[2021.04.15] Hello, World!

So.. I guess that’s what I should have said when I deploy something new, right?